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Add Barclays Commentary
To add the Barclays Commentary data to the Bible Library 7 data set you will need the following:
1. An older Bible Library CD that included Barclays Commentary.
2. Bible Library 7 DVD
3. Bible Library 7 DVD update file. (Available via download)

Step 1:

Insert the Bible Library 7 DVD disc into your DVD/CD drive.
Double-Click the Bible Library 7 update file to begin installation. (bl7u.exe)
Install the Bible Library 7, making sure to select the following two options.

    [Install Retrieve Legacy Data (Barclay)]

    [Copy Bible Data to the hard drive (Req'd to run without the DVD)]

You may select any of the additional options available,
if you wish to have those features available when the DVD is not in the drive.

Step 2:

After installing the Bible Library 7 update remove the Bible Library 7 DVD from the drive.
Write down the older Bible Library's serial number (found on the disc's label).
Then, insert the older Bible Library program CD into the drive.
Wait for any pop-up windows to be displayed that may result from the disc being inserted.

Step 3:

Next, click on the [Start] button then locate the [Bible Library 7] program group.
Next, select [Add Barclays Commentary] from within the [Bible Library Utilities]
folder found in the [Bible Library 7] program group.

Step 4:

The following window will be displayed.
Enter the older Bible Library's serial number and click [OK].

Step 5:

Select the disc drive's letter in the combo box under [Select Bible Library Disc].
Select the location of the Bible Library 7's program files folder under [Select Bible Library 7 Directory].

If the correct files are found in the selected locations the red square should turn green, as shown below.

Step 6:

Click on the [Extract Data] button and wait for the process to
finish (the [Add Data] button should be enabled when finished).
Lastly, click on the [Add Data] button, when finished the data should be available.